For those of you who know me are fully aware that I am a big nature lover and proud “plant parent”. It truly makes me so happy to tend to my plants and see the growth of new leaves or beautiful flowers popping open throughout the year. When I have a plant that seems to be wilting or leaves that start changing color I research and provide the nutrients, light, and water requirements that’s needed to revive the plant.

Don’t forget: Drink water and get some sunlight. You’re basically a houseplant with more complicated emotions.

Now, thinking about this in regards to my own health it shouldn’t be much different right? The emphasis should be focused on preventing illness and diseases by improving our health with nutrition and lifestyle changes. I understand I am not revealing breaking news because this information has been proved by science for many years. But being a surgical nurse for about 6 years I have noticed my increasing frustration with the way patients view their conditions as out of their control. I do understand there are extenuating circumstances but for the most part a lot of these health problems can be avoided with some effort.

I have spoken with residents and doctors and they don’t have a single class on nutrition. THIS IS THE PROBLEM!! Doctors aren’t factoring in the most basic science there is. How can this issue be resolved? Maybe I am ranting too much but it is crazy that this exists in a day in age where obesity is higher than it ever has been. Hello? Maybe its what you’re consuming and that you’re not moving your body enough. Maybe you’re depressed because you’re on social media too much? So many things are not being addressed when it comes to basic lifestyle changes for resolving health conditions.

“If you were repeatedly taking your broken television to a repair shop for the same fault, you would be annoyed. Unfortunately, millions of sick people are having a similar experience with their doctors visits for their ailing health. Lots of visits for the same problems that never get fixed” – Steven Magee.

I have such a strong passion for empowering those who struggle with their nutrition and unhealthy lifestyle. The medical industry unfortunately has such a different viewpoint on this. Think about this scenario for a moment, if there are more patients with health conditions this leads to more doctors prescribing medications to treat or cover up those conditions and now more medications to treat side effects from these medications and there you have it the vicious cycle begins. Hmm, interesting right?

That being said, I personally want to be a positive influence for everyone on preventing health conditions rather than just treating or covering up the underlying problem. It is so important to be proactive rather than reactive in a numerous amount of situations because it allows you to have so much more control.

So here are 20 suggestions that everyone can add into their routine to become the best version of yourself and feel good about it:

  1. Eat plenty of plant-based foods
  2. Limit alcohol consumption
  3. Avoid tobacco use
  4. Regular physical exercise
  5. Get enough sleep
  6. Go for walks or hikes
  7. Decrease stress and anxiety
  8. Stretch or do yoga
  9. Enjoy nature
  10. Smile and laugh often
  11. Meditate or find solace
  12. Brush and floss daily
  13. Enjoy regular family meals
  14. Limit social media
  15. Drink mostly water
  16. Try something new
  17. Challenge yourself
  18. Treat yourself
  19. Have a positive attitude
  20. Be kind

I personally always feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally when I am feeding my body adequate nutrients, beneficial mobility, and regular exercise. Let me know what you do to improve your overall health. I would love to hear and add into my routine as I am always looking for new ways to feel amazing!