Joy in the Journey

The Adventures of a Traveling Nurse

HealthPark Medical Center

 HealthPark Medical Center, Fort Myers, FL

March 20, 2017

This wasn’t a travel assignment but I feel I need to give a little bit of a back story on how the journey all started. I began working right out of nursing school at HealthPark Medical Center in the operating room. I worked at this facility for a little over three years and I absolutely fell in love with surgical services. I knew I wanted to continue working in the operating room but I felt that I needed a change in my surroundings as I have lived in SouthWest Florida my entire existence.

A little introduction to the man who will be with me the entire way on this journey is my amazing boyfriend, Kollin. He has an amazing job, operating African Safaris with The Africa Adventure Company where he has worked hard to earn the opportunity to work remotely from home.

So after 3 years of dating we were able to get our first place together in Estero, Florida where we have loved calling our home for the past year and a half. We had briefly discussed travel nursing last year (April 2016), which – at the time – was just a thought in the clouds. However, a few months ago, travel nursing became a real possibility and we began dreaming of the next steps. My thought was what better time than right now to do it?! We have no obligations or responsibilities to stay in the area of Fort Myers. So like the adventurous soul Kollin is, he completely agreed and we decided to take the plunge to begin travel nursing. I am excited to let the “Joy in the Journey” begin!

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