Joy in the Journey

The Adventures of a Traveling Nurse

Jacksonville, FL

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Memorial Hospital – Jacksonville, FL

May 5, 2017

I am excited to say that the start of my journey begins in Atlantic Beach – just east in Jacksonville, Florida. I landed the travel position maybe two weeks prior to the move, which was quite last minute for me because I am such a planner. I guess Florida is a highly sought after location that nurses are willing to travel to anytime of year. Who would’ve guessed that people want to travel to Florida?!

As of today, I have completed three weeks at Memorial Hospital of Jacksonville! It has already been such an eye opener and positive experience for my career. After all the horror stories I have read about on other blogs of how travel nurses are treated, I am so fortunate to have such a welcoming and friendly team to work with. It has been such a relief to be appreciated by the staff that I truly am here to help during a staffing crisis for their CVOR team.

In spite of that, I am realizing how blessed I was to have worked with my HealthPark family in Fort Myers by the number of coworkers who have reached out to me while on my first assignment. I cannot express enough how much I appreciate the love and caring words I have received. Each and every one of you gave me the experience and courage to accomplish my traveling dreams and shaped me as the nurse I am today.

So with that, no matter how far you go in life, never forget where you came from.

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