Joy in the Journey

The Adventures of a Traveling Nurse

Austin, TX


North Austin Medical Center – Austin, TX

August 18, 2018

Not entirely sure we thought through moving to Texas in the summer, the hottest month of the year, but we’re here! Being from Florida I thought hot is hot, but Texas proved me wrong. Living in the desert is a whole new type of heat when you are used to living near the humid, ocean air. The new experiences travel nursing brings makes this an adventure to remember.

One of the endless aspects that I love about travel nursing is having the ability to view and experience different lifestyles that accompany the various locations I venture to. I have been working at this beautiful hospital for exactly one week now. After meeting a large portion of the staff here at North Austin Medical Center I am happily surprised at the kindness and southern charm that Texans have to offer. Maybe it’s just their southern accents but everything sounds so much sweeter! It is such a drastic change from the big cities I previously traveled to, not to say anyone was directly rude, but no one was outwardly polite and definitely did not go out of their way to be kind. I’m eager to be surrounded by such positive vibes and kind people in the heart of Texas.

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