One thing I have noticed while traveling is that even the tiniest creature comforts can truly make the biggest difference. Just by simply adding your own personal touch, or bringing a little bit of home with you, plays a huge factor while traveling. Below I have shared our 6 comforts of home that we bring along with us when moving to each new location.

white bed comforter

1) Where Dreams are Made – The Bedroom. Having a comfortable bedroom and proper sleep is a crucial aspect to everyone’s life.We have arrived to some of our new homes just to find stained and dirty sheets and comforters, so, I’m so thankful for having our own sheets and comforters.  I always immediately rip off the linens and give them to the owner of the home we are renting. We have found an amazing, and inexpensive, product that is essentially a mattress bag that seals in whatever mites, dust, or bed bugs that could possibly be lurking in the mattress. I know this sounds a bit alarmist – but we have lived in NYC and Philly which have severe problems with bed dwelling pests. This is something I do right away as I have heard horror stories and want to prevent this from happening to us. Plus it just makes us feel so much more comfortable when resting our heads in an unknown location. Also, must have our own pillows, sheets, and comforter blanket to make it feel like home.

IMG_08622) The Kitchen is the Heart of Every Home. I know one thing that Kollin and I both value is a clean cooking space. Upon move-in we typically clean the kitchen prior to putting our own items into because it simply makes it feel comfortable like home. Something we have noticed is it is so much more inspiring to work in a kitchen that is filled with your own personal cookware that you are used to. So we find it is imperative to bring along our rubber spatulas, knives, cast iron skillet, instant pot and, of course, the Le Creuset – which was the phenomenal gift of one of Kollin’s good friends. (Tip: if you’re thinking of getting a gift, any cook wear from Le Creuset is it!) Finding the best grocery store or farmers market to stock the kitchen with food as soon as we move in definitely helps us to start the home cooking as soon as possible. We try to eat out only when there’s a specific restaurant we want to try and not when it’s just convenient. So having a stocked fridge makes the decision that much easier to eat in.

3) WC. It may come across as a bit strange but we travel with our own pressure increasing shower head. This has made the biggest difference to help increase piddly shower head/water pressure, and takes the guess work out of whether the AirBnb cleaned the shower head this decade. Those of you with long hair can relate to the fact that the power of the water pressure makes a huge difference. When a shower head is hardly trickling out and you can barely rinse the soap from your hair it is to say the least, frustrating. Having our own with each move really makes a consistent and comfortable shower for us. And believe me, it is so easy to unscrew the shower head and put on your own. It truly is the little things that make the biggest difference when it comes to comfort and we are all about being comfy while traveling since it has become more of a permanent lifestyle for us. We also put a high emphasis on bringing our own towels for the bathroom. Something about having your own towel provides much more luxury than using ones provided which are usually an afterthought of the owner – i.e. low quality and tiny.  Again, cleaning from top to bottom with our own cleaning supplies makes us feel like its our own once its how we like it and we try to avoid the harsh chemical cleaners and use our essential oil and vinegar solutions.

IMG_51324) Green Thumb. Prior to our traveling journey we created a really serene relaxing environment in our home from our love for plants. I really enjoyed having our entire patio filled with tons of orchids, a bonsai tree, herbs, tomato plants, snap pea plants, pepper plants, and even a lime tree. Unfortunately, traveling around every 3-6 months has made it a challenge for our plants to come along with. We have left behind so many but our beloved Pothos Plant has survived all 5 of our moves thus far. We are always looking for new ways to keep our passion for plants alive even while traveling. One thing we have loved to do is propagate our vegetables we purchase at the local farmers markets. It is so simple and we get our fix for gardening in our home. All you have to do is slice the root off of your vegetable of choice (I.e. chives, celery, romaine, garlic, etc.) and place it in a small glass then watch it grow. Eventually you can plant into soil, however, we don’t get to this step too often since we are typically in one place for only 3 months.


IMG_52715) Scents of home. As you may know our nose is such a strong sense that whenever you smell a certain scent it can bring you back to a specific time in your life and allow you to reminisce on a memory. So we thoroughly take joy in bringing our favorite candles along to create a sense of home to each one of our accommodations along the way. Also, essential oils have quickly become one of our favorite ways to freshen our home by using the oil diffusers that we have for each of our rooms. Hand soap is a huge one for us being that we use Mrs. Meyers scented soaps (Basil is our favorite!) that are always a must for us.

6) Safety. It is so important to do everything you can to stay as safe as possible when in foreign places. Since we have seen many horror stories on the news and are not naive of the people in this world we have a few things we do upon arrival to a new home. Using AirBNB’s often, we are aware that there could be snooping cameras or worse in these units. Kollin went a little bit crazy and purchased an inexpensive bug scanner to detect hidden cameras and wireless signals emanating from a room. This helps us sleep a little better at night knowing you are not being watched while in your own home away from home. You just never know anymore, so we would rather be safe than sorry!