Traveling as a nurse has its ups and downs that’s one thing I know. I believe that so much of what makes us who we are is where we have been. I have now been traveling for 9 months and I definitely would never take this experience back. Most days, while out on assignment traveling, are easily filled with adventures and exciting experiences. The truth is when the days become quiet, when the silence gets too loud it becomes difficult being so far away from family and friends.

The holiday season really contributes a big part in these longing feelings for home. If you look at it in a different and more positive light it gives you the opportunity to really appreciate those times you were able to go home and see your loved ones and in the future gives more value to it. I have learned to appreciate and to never take the time you spend with the people you care about for granted. You never know where you’ll be when the next holiday season rolls around.

My favorite Christmas Tree in NYC this year was in Madison Square Park. Love all the white lights and decorations.

However, I am fortunate enough to have my special someone, Kollin, to travel with on this journey. So this Christmas season was a unique and memorable one for the two of us in comparison to our previous years together. We were able to take advantage of not having to juggle the family events between multiple places and really just take in the joy of the holiday season, especially since we got to spend it in New York City. How lucky can we get?!

So just a quick reminder, there’s always something to be thankful for. I’m thankful for my life, health, friends, family, and for a roof over my head. I will choose to find joy in the journey that God has set before me and you should too.