img_2511 “The universe is always speaking to us. Sending us little messages, causing coincidences, and serendipities, reminding us to stop, and look around, to believe in something else, something more.” -Nancy Thayer. This quote speaks directly to me on so many different levels because of the instances that have been occurring recently in my life. With an open mind I have been able to listen and receive the messages that are being sent to me daily. The realization of listening to the universe tell you exactly where to go, what to do, who to stay away from and who to embrace is truly incredible.

The most bizarre thing happened that I have to share because it really sparked this realization. On our way home from a walk from the beach, Kollin and I both looked up and saw an iguana that looked oddly different and we marveled at it for some time. The next day, there were signs for a garage sale in our neighborhood. With our first home purchase being in just a few short weeks, Kollin and I went to the garage sale just for the heck of it. Of course, while we were browsing the random household items and furniture Kollin is chatting it up (as usual) with the owner. img_2555After they connected on their interest in travel/Africa she brought her husband out to connect further. We soon found out he is a Monk and has written many books. He discussed with us a particular book he wrote which is based on a turtle relating to all different aspects of life. Needless to say, we discovered he is a reptile lover and he proceeded to show us his turtle collection inside his home of endangered and almost extinct turtles. It is so amazing because in case you didn’t know this about me, I love turtles so it was just so crazy that he wanted to share this with us without even knowing this information.

Normally I would’ve been a little hesitant to just waltz on into some strangers home to see his “turtle collection”. However, in this situation I listened to my gut and I didn’t feel threatened and obviously neither did Kollin so we went with it. In conversation, we discovered that the rare iguana we saw at the beach was actually one of his that is now img_2512roaming the neighborhood. In this aspect, the universe brought us to him and now we have his most recent book he published and he teaches tai chi class on Saturdays which we definitely need to check out after this experience. It was all just a very interesting situation that was given to us through the universe because we listened.

And so, you truly just never know where things will take you until you just stop and listen and open up for new experiences and ideas. This has been happening on all different levels for us lately and we are amazed at the opportunities and information that we’ve gained through just being open to these experiences rather than weary and unbelieving that every thing truly has a purpose or is trying to teach us something. “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson