As many of you know, Florida is both Kollin and my home state. It’s been a little over a year now being back and I couldn’t be more proud of our achievements we have fulfilled while being able to continue my (local) travel nursing journey. This career path has opened so many doors and given me the ability to meet the goals I continuously set for myself. After traveling outside of the sunshine state for a couple of years, we felt it was paramount for us to come back to do a local assignment because of some specific motivating factors.


  1. Allowing us to spend quality time with family and friends meanwhile soaking up as many seconds on the sand and in the sea as possible. The waterfront condo with the lighthouse view was more than we ever could have imagined when moving back to Florida. Sharing this little slice of paradise with our family and friends allowed us to become closer and spend quality time with the ones we love and I couldn’t be more grateful.

2. Apparently wedding season was the past year we’ve been in Florida for our close friends and family. We both understand the value of our relationships with our friends and families. It is so important for us to nurture our friendships now more than ever because we are not always nearby which can be challenging to keep in touch. So this past year it was imperative for us to be home for the four weddings we were both either apart of or invited to, along with bachelor and bachelorette parties of course. I think we both can agree the endless celebrations were definitely much needed.

3. A long term goal we had set for a while now was to purchase a duplex property. Last June we stumbled upon the perfect scenario that allowed us to finally reach that goal and we couldn’t be more ecstatic! This home purchase has been a huge undertaking for many reasons but I am able to take a deep sigh of relief because it now means we have a home base close to family to travel back to in between travel contracts and holidays. One of the main reasons for buying the duplex for me is having a home base to put my mind at ease for continued travel assignments knowing we don’t have to find immediate housing and rush into a contract in a new city. Kollin and I both have made so many memories as well as gained so much experience remodeling and renovating our home together.

None of it would have been possible without the help of our family, friends, and especially Kollins dad who is the brains of this whole process. (And one of the most kind-hearted, selfless, patient, generous guy I know! I don’t know what we would have done without your endless help.) We couldn’t be more grateful to everyone who has volunteered their spare time to help us along the way and made this all possible.img_4560

However, my yearning for traveling and exploring new cities has not subsided so I will continue to travel nurse until I have fallen out of love with it. I was apprehensive when we originally decided to come back to our home state for a travel assignment because I truly thought we would not head back out for another assignment ever again. Ask any one of my friends, it was a serious concern of mine, especially after purchasing a home here! Even though we are not finished renovating our home, I believe we are at a point where the majority has been completed and I couldn’t be happier to say we are going to recommence the Joy in the Journey and get back on the road come March. Check back for updates on the next city we will be adding to our list!