• Everywhere you go becomes a part of you somehow.

    Anita Desai

    I wanted to go off the beaten path of your typical Valentine’s Day and do things a little differently. Instead of gushing about all the things I adore about my special someone (because only Kollin actually wants to hear that so I won’t bore you with my lengthy list) I wanted to choose one aspect in my life to be my “Valentine” this year.

    I can easily say I have so much love for the remarkable places that I have had the privilege to live throughout my travel nursing career. Every location will forever have a special place in my heart. The incredible connections and memories Kollin and I have made can never be taken away from us.

    The mind has an extraordinary way of taking you back to a place from even the most simple things. Whenever I hear, basically any song by, Matt Costa I am transported back to Philadelphia, PA because while living there we went to an intimate venue to watch an unforgettable performance by him.

    Photos and videos are one way that allows us to share with others as well as reminisce on those special moments we experienced. Which is why I LOVE capturing as much as I can when on the road (even when Kollin is exhausted by my constant paparazzi habits).

    Please share/comment below what you have an outpouring amount of love for this Valentines Day other than your special someone. C’mon I know you have something in your life you love just as much as your “Valentine”. My heart is aching to hear it!!