What would you do with your time – if money was no object? Would you continue in the same job you are in now? Would you spend more time doing other things you love? Perhaps that financial independence would give you the freedom to realize what you truly want or need to do?

The past couple weeks, while social distancing, have really put things into perspective. Removing so many daily routines has enabled me to see what is truly important in life, and to a lesser extent – what is NOT important. I have been able to shift my focus from thinking: I’m stuck at home without any freedom, to let’s use this extra time to give my mind the freedom it needs. When have we had this much time to really slow down and think about what our passions are? The answer is never. Our modern busy lives don’t allow for time to stop and think of what truly makes us the happiest? I’m looking through rose colored glasses and suggest we all take advantage of this moment to look inward and change our lives for the better. Revel in the fact that this is life giving us the opportunity to become who we want to be!

Toward the beginning of the self-isolation, I found myself thinking “I liked my life how it was, when can we get back to normal?”. And yes, I miss exploring and experiencing each new city we visit. However, I have realized and can admit that there are some things I can improve on and things Kollin and I can improve on together. Whether that be to incorporate meditation into my days or reading more books, setting new relationship goals, or even something as simple as organizing that overflowing hallway closet. This is a great opportunity, better not to waste. Better yet, perhaps we can focus on selfless acts and change someone else’s life for the better, there are many people in need during this crisis.

This all reminds me of when Kollin buys a lottery ticket, I love to hear him imagine what he’d do if we won. He gets very specific with details and I always like to hear his ideas and passions. Because, thats what those dreams are, passions. Now, not every dream or passion is supposed to be followed, but I truly think that within these dreams are where your passions lie. Essentially, what you are meant to do if money was no object. Our goals together are to create a life that wouldn’t change much from day to day even if we did come into a large windfall.

Take this time while social distancing to visualize your perfect life and to set YOUR ultimate life goal that makes you your happiest and fulfilled self. The time is NOW. I’d love to hear what goals and passions you are uncovering during this difficult time.

Reach out to me in the comments below or through social media with your take on the rose-colored glasses.