How often are you stepping out of your comfort zone to improve yourself or your skills? Recording this podcast really allowed me to do exactly this and I couldn’t be more grateful and humbled by this experience. I’m so ecstatic to be featured on the “Find Your Wings” podcast by Chloe Friedman, MBA.

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Following Your Passion Find Your Wings

In this episode, I'm joined by Tyler Stolting, a PGA Class A Member and golf professional.  During these uncertain times in the world, many people are turning to new creative ways to make money from home or discovering that they're ready for a career change.  We hope this episode motivates someone to chase their passion, or even recognize their passion and turn it into a new path.  We discuss mentors, confidence, identifying your passion, how to address naysayers, and more.  You can learn more about the Find Your Wings podcast at and follow along on Instagram at @winggirlpr.  
  1. Following Your Passion
  2. We're All Marketers
  3. Embracing The Journey