How often are you stepping out of your comfort zone to improve yourself or your skills? Recording this podcast really allowed me to do exactly this and I couldn’t be more grateful and humbled by this experience. I’m so ecstatic to be featured on the “Find Your Wings” podcast by Chloe Friedman, MBA.

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Working From Home Find Your Wings

More than ever, I wanted to record an episode on this topic because so many people are working from home for the first time or continuing to work from home.  I decided to survey a number of friends who have either always worked from home, or just started in the pandemic.  Some are balancing remote work on their own or they are balancing it with a family and children.  In surveying others, I noticed several main themes that each individual touched on: routine, Mini-breaks, boundaries, and having a functional workspace. In this episode, I'll talk through the pros and cons of remote work, and talk through each theme to bring you tips on how to be a more productive worker.  Visit for more information and follow me on Instagram at @winggirlpr for all the latest info!
  1. Working From Home
  2. Following Your Passion
  3. We're All Marketers
  4. Embracing The Journey
  5. Building Your Tribe