How often are you stepping out of your comfort zone to improve yourself or your skills? Recording this podcast really allowed me to do exactly this and I couldn’t be more grateful and humbled by this experience. I’m so ecstatic to be featured on the “Find Your Wings” podcast by Chloe Friedman, MBA.

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Lead with Your Flaws Find Your Wings

I’ve seen so many people lately feel like they’re not adding up to enough. In a world full of social media, where you see perfect business men and women bragging on their career, travel, their business, 10k months, being a parent, etc. its easy to feel like we’re not enough, or we lack certain skillsets, don’t have as many positive qualities as others.I’ve found that ignoring an insecurity, or something I want to be better at only hinders me.  You’d be surprised at how when you admit you want to work on something, people will appear out of the woodworks to want to help you.In this episode, I cover the do's and don'ts of leading with your flaws to help you grow toward your path to success!Connect with me on Instagram at @FindYourWingsPodcast
  1. Lead with Your Flaws
  2. The Difficult Path
  3. Speak Up For Yourself
  4. How to Quit Your Job
  5. Supporting Your Significant Other In Their Career (Valentine's Day Edition!)